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Stories from the Women of Uganda

Nakayemba Sulaina with her matsSulaina, a lovely, very hard working woman who makes the most beautifully designed mats. She sells them for 50,000UGX, with a cost of materials equaling 20,000UGX, so with each mat she makes a 30,000 profit!


Madinah with her grown chickensK. Madinah is so grateful because with nano finance, she is now able to grow her poultry farm to 400 chicks! 

Nankya ShamirahN. Shamirah sells avocados, jackfruits, sugar cane and bananas in Busega town, has used her increased profits to buy four goats.

Paul Bateeze leading community development training (3)
Here, a Peace Corp worker leads the women of Busega in a community mapping workshop, during which the women worked collaboratively to map thier environment, identify the assets in their community, and realize new markets for their livelihoods. 

DSC_4197Kobusinga M. of the Kyaninga community has a drug store that was continually running low on stock. She is very grateful for the nano loans to be able to put more medications and product on the shelves of her shop. 

 Unknown Image Beatrice K. and five other women in the Kyaninga nano community grouped their first loan to lease a large plot of land, hire help to prepare the soil, buy seeds, and planted a large crop of green pepper and cassava. They await the harvest and the promise of profits for their families.

Eseza BiiraEseza B. of the Kasinga women's community has used her nano loans to buy casava to make flour that she sells in the market.

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