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Nano Finance in Nigeria in collaboration with Work of Mercy Initiative (WOMI)

OB started the NF project in the slum communities of Abuja, Nigeria in December 2021.  WOMI serves and empowers the poor women and their families of Abuja. Its founder, Ms Eberechukwu Chinazom Ugwunweze (Eber) had a challenge of unemployment as a young graduate for 8 years. Having struggled for eight years, she could feel the pain of an unemployed woman. As soon as she got a job, she quickly thought of how to alleviate the sufferings of women. She found out about the NF project and thought it would truly empower the women of her country who were in extreme poverty. Currently, we are supporting 200 hundred women by giving $75 as interest-free loans. Also, due to the recirculation of the return money every month, WOMI has given financial support to additional eighty women.

“Good evening ma, my name is Faith Sani Mutle, one of your beneficiaries, I want to take out time to thank you & all your partners, for making impact in my life & that of my son. I am a single mother, and my life has not been easy for us but with your capital I started a POS business & from the profit, I was able to pay my son's J.S.C.E fee’s, May God bless you & all the partners.”

NF Project in Nigeria has made it possible for the empowerment of 503 Nigerian women in one year and four months. We are currently working in Wumba and Gwagwalada, two communities in Abuja, the capitol of Nigeria. The impact of the NF project has spread to other communities. The success rate is huge and there are so many testimonies. A good number of them started new businesses, a good number improved their businesses as well. Some paid school fees and some others paid hospital bills, just to mention a few examples.

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