Odisha, India (2007)

Odisha, India (2007)


Odisha, India Programs 

Aamara Biswas, an India-based organization, implements, coordinates, and focuses on the long term sustainability of the following projects, all of whose sustainability depends strongly on the coordinators and the women of the areas who benefit from the Nano Finance system.

Nano Finance System
Joyasree (Ranu) Mahanti launched the Nano Finance concept she developed in her home state of Odisha, India in November  2007. During the past decade, more than 10,000 women who live in extreme poverty in the rural villages and urban slums of Odisha have benefited through Nano Finance system. 
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Training/Production Center
Aamara Biswas helps to establish training/production centers by giving financial support for a few years. Aamara Biswas encourages the coordinators and teacher to make the center self-sustainable by selling their products to support the teacher’s salaries, rent of the place, and other expenses.
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Sanitary Napkin Units
This project is necessary for the health of women living in poverty. We have found that the women prefer to spend money for food or school fees, causing challenges to their personal health. 
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Water Filter Project  

This is an important project for improved health for families and communities. better health of the families. 
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Aamara Biswas Center 
The Center is situated in an interior village of Jagatsingpur District of Eastern Odisha. The women take pride in having a physical space to gather, hold meetings and work; they feel that the Center belongs to them. 
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Their Personal Stories
Here are a few success stories of the many poor women who have empowered themselves through the spart of Nano Finace. While their stories are not like those of the famous people of the world, they are beautiful and genuine. They give a different perspective of life. Their dreams are small, limited to what is necessary to live in this world with basic requirements.
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Click here for more photos of the women in Odisha.






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