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Our Biswas  started the Nano Finance (NF) concept in US on August 4, 2020 in collaboration with Community Development Finance (CDF), a California based nonprofit whose work is perhaps unique in the country. 

Our Biswas has implemented the NF system in India and Uganda through local organizations, Aamara Biswas and Clover Foundation and is extremely successful. The system truly helps the people who are in extreme poverty.  

Daniel M. Leibsohn is President, Executive Director and Founder of CDF and is also the founder of Capital Flows, a community development consulting company. Mr. Leibsohn has dedicated his life for the people who live in extreme poverty and he calls it social justice.  Please visit the website to know more about CDF;  

Comment from Daniel M. Leibsohn one year after the project.

August 9, 2021

Community Development Finance has been in partnership with Our Biswas for roughly one year.  The funds that Our Biswas has provided have made a deep impact on our program and the partnership has become a crucial part of the financial services that we offer to low and very low income people.  We have been able to move most of our below-market payday loan borrowers off of these loans to the zero-interest loans.  In addition, many of the borrowers have changed their borrowing behavior – they are getting out of debt and taking out new loans at a much later time period if they do need to renew their loans.  The zero-interest feature has been of particular importance during the pandemic as people’s incomes have been stretched very thin and, in many cases, close to the breaking point.  These funds have been used in multiple ways to help people who have been really struggling and the support has been of great help to them.  We have started several new programs in the past year and have a number of proposals out for the future – and the Our Biswas funds play a crucial role in our future plans and programs.  We are very grateful to Our Biswas for this important assistance and partnership. 

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